How to start investing with Tezoshour Limited?

Tezoshour offers one of the most seamless onboarding into the digital currency investment arena. You can simply sign-up through our homepage and fill-out minimalistic details. Once your account is created, you can start making your deposits and invest in plans.

How much profit does Tezoshour limited provide on investments?

We let you earn 2% profit daily until you reach a 48% benchmark, that is for 24 days. When you invest with Tezoshour, your investment is safe with us. Apart from your principal amount, we help you grow your investment for 24 straight days rendering 2% return every day.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported at Tezoshour?

With us, you can invest through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin cash and PerfectMoney. Tezoshour strives to invest in and contribute value to the digital currency landscape. We help you achieve sustainable growth with your investments with Tezoshour. Thus, you can be an active participant in the crypto domain and diversify the way you invest.

How long does it take for deposits to credit?

Digital cryptocurrency transactions are lightning-fast. As soon as you make the deposit, After 3/3 confirmations in the block chain. Your account gets updated with the desired amount.

How to make a direct deposit from my account balance?

If you wish to make an Tezoshour deposit right off your account balance, you can simply refer to your members account and click on the 'Make Deposit' option.

How frequently can I make deposits into my Tezoshour account? Is there any limit?

No, there is no limit! You can make multiple deposits into your Tezoshour account without any hassle. We treat every transaction separately.

I don't have any e-currency account, how can I invest with Tezoshour Limited?

You can go ahead and open your digital currency account at Bitcoin.com, blockchain.com and Perfectmoney.com

How to withdraw my funds?

At any point in time, if you wish to withdraw funds, you can raise a withdrawal request in your account's dashboard. Once you submit the request, our team will take care of the process.

How long does it take for funds to reflect in my e-currency account once I request a withdrawal?

Our working hours are round the clock. Once you initiate a withdrawal request, we usually take a maximum 12 hours to process your request.

How to update Tezoshour account credentials?

To change or update your account's credentials, refer to the Account Information section in the dashboard. You can change and update your wallet address and password here.

What if I forgot my password? How to access Tezoshour account then?

Don't worry! If you forgot your password, you can simply click on the forgot password link on our website. The form will open where you can enter your Tezoshour username or email address. We will send password reset details to your registered email.

Can one investor create multiple accounts with Tezoshour?

At Tezoshour, we highly discourage the practise and don't allow one person to create multiple accounts.

Is there any minimum amount to invest?

Yes, you can start investing with Tezoshour with an investment amount as low as $0.1.

Is there any minimum limit for withdrawals?

For withdrawals, the threshold has been kept at $10 in crypto and $ 2 through Perfect Money.

Are regular profits directly credited to my currency account?

When you invest with us, your daily profit earnings are accumulated in your Tezoshour account wallet. You can further withdraw the same, anytime.

How is profit calculated?

At Tezoshour we calculate the profit on your investments daily and credits the same to your Tezoshour account the next day.

Who manages my investment?

Tezoshour has a top-notch track record of crypto investments. All of your funds are managed by our teams of expert crypto investors. Our experts have years of market experience and understand the digital currency domain inside out.

Are investments risky with Tezoshour Limited?

Our experts take due diligence and special care while handling your investments. Although no investment is infallible, our success rate speaks for itself. Our experts have years of experience in digital currency investment, and thus, we are a preferred and stable investment choice for many.

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