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Investment Plan

200% - Hourly For 24 Hourss



Hourly For 24 Hours

Min investment : $ 0.1

Max investment : $ 25000

Principal Return

300% - Hourly For 48 Hours

Package 2


DHourly For 48 Hours

Min investment : $ 0.1

Max investment : $ 50000

Princilpal Included

500% - Hourly For 96 Hours

Package 3


Hourly For 96 Hours

Min investment : $ 0.1

Max investment : $ 75000

Princilpal Included

Our features

With TezosHour, you can unlock your access to

Daily Profit Over Investment

Each 2% daily profit on your investment with TezosHour. Let your investment work for you 24x7.

Stable and Secured Profits

At TezosHour, we strive to provide you with an investment opportunity that is secured and trustworthy.

Referral Program

TezosHour is offering one of the most lucrative referral programs to our investors. Get your hands on 7% on first deposit, 3% on second and 2% on the third deposit of the amount your friends and family deposit into their TezosHour account.

24x7 Online Support

Our experts are available around the clock to help you in your crypto investment endeavours. At any point in time if you need an answer to a question, ping us.

Manual Payouts

TezosHour offers transparency in the payouts process. Monitor all your investments at all times. Both- deposits and withdrawals can be monitored for timely payouts.

Steady Income

Profit is calculated regularly depending on the tariff plan, you can monitor this in your account.

About TezosHour Limited

TezosHour Limited is one of the leading digital currency investing platforms offering secured investment opportunities. At TezosHour, we provide state of the art investment opportunities which help you diversify your investments into the digital currency landscape.

We have successfully established trust and accountability with hundreds of potential investors. TezosHour Limited moves across multiple regions, asset classes and industries while offering you lucrative crypto investment opportunities.

Invite investors and earn even more

TezosHour brings aboard a gainful affiliate program for our potential investors. Refer TezosHour to your friends and families and earn fruitful incentives. Get 7% of every 1st deposit , 3% on 2nd deposit and 2% on 3rd deposit participants make.

  • 30%

    Level -1

  • 15%

    Level -2

  • 5%

    Level -3

Frequently asked questions

How does TezosHour Limited function?

TezosHour is a global organization with a vision to make digital currency investment engaging and accessible for our investors. At TezosHour, our endeavours are fueled by teams of passionate crypto experts and professionals. You can collaborate with us and let your wealth grow unprecedented through lucrative investment interests, crypto-mining etc.

How much interest does TezosHour limited provide on investments?

We let you earn 2% profit daily until you reach a 48% benchmark, that is for 24 days. When you invest with TezosHour, your investment is safe with us. Apart from your principal amount, we help you grow your investment for 24 straight days rendering 2% return every day. With a mere investment of $30, you can sign-up for our 2% investment package. Under this package, you can invest a maximum of $2000000.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported at TezosHour?

With us, you can invest through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin cash and PerfectMoney. TezosHour strives to invest in and contribute value to the digital currency landscape. We help you achieve sustainable growth with your investments with TezosHour. Thus, you can be an active participant in the crypto domain and diversify the way you invest.

How long does it take for deposits to credit?

Digital cryptocurrency transactions are lightning-fast. As soon as you make the deposit, After 3/3 confirmations in the block chain. Your account gets updated with the desired amount.

How to make a direct deposit from my account balance?

If you wish to make an TezosHour deposit right off your account balance, you can simply refer to your members account and click on the 'Make Deposit' option.

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